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The most widely used crypto trading platform for the needs of everyone. Buy crypto and trade crypto.

Powerful Integrations

Our systems pull, inspect and combine data from multiple sources – price aggregators, exchange APIs, news publishers, raw blockchain nodes and more.

Easily access Bing Wallet On All Platforms

On your phone, laptop, desktop you are good to go. Access your wallet 24/7 without any restrictions. Finixio Wallet is built for you. easy to use on any platform and any device.

Thomas Moriz

The support teams are very professional and friendly. They really helped make my life much easier.

Sarah Downey

Using this wallet as my preferred payment method has made it very easy to receive payment from my customers and provide services more efficiently without having to wait days to receive bank transfers. Allow me to get work done in time.

Philip Crowe

I can say this is one of the best user friendly exchange I have used, it allows to understand better how crypto works and how to use it easily. Deposits and withdrawals are straightforward and fast.